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Humans of...


Humans of...

Make a video up to 1 minute with a micro-history of you or someone who is close by.

The idea of talking about humans emerged from a photographic project entitled "Humans of New York." The project consists photography and micro-stories of people and their lives, their thoughts, and their daily routine. The idea fits well in the one minute format.

It is a contest for people and about people and has the support of Museu da Pessoa (Museum of Person).

The best videos chosen by the curatorial team of the Minute Festival will receive the Minute Trophy, and, the video among those which receives more likes on our Facebook pages will receive a R$ 1.000 (1.000 brazilian reais) prize and the Minute Trophy.

OBS: The prize is in brazilian reais and will be converted to dolars using the exchange rate of the day at the payment.

Deadline 30th November.

This project is made with the support of Proac