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Minuto Suspended

The Minute Festival is paralyzing its activities.

We are without sponsorship and curiously, in recent years who said no the sponsors were ourselves. We did not accept the crazy demands that marketing and media directors made to bring money to the Festival.

The incentive laws reflect what we see in several areas of public administration in Brazil: the privatization. Money is public, but who manage is the private. It is the marketing, communication or sustainability directories that decide which cultural product will be feasible.

Thus, there is a certain domestication of the artistic process, since the company and its advertising agencies boldly interfere in the narrative of cultural production. The company confuses cultural product with the products they place on the supermarket shelf, or with their communication and sustainability actions.

The most curious thing is that in Brazil we have exceptional examples of good public money management, such as SESC. The PROAC , from  São Paulo, has positive aspects when it directs part of the budget to public notices. It's a pity that only a small part of the money is earmarked for the notices (about 40 million), while the bulk of the 120 million cake is in the hands of the marketers and communicologists of the companies.

The Minute Festival was created in Brazil in 1991 and has inspired the realization of related festivals in more than 50 countries. In its 27 years of existence, we have held over 300 contests and received more than 50,000 videos from all over the world. We also highlight the Minute Education, a project aimed at training teachers and students in the public school system.

We will paralyze our activities and look for other ways of existing. If we will find, we do not know. In any case, it is better that the Minute dies in the collective memory in its grace, irreverence and vitality than living as dead.

Marcelo Masagão

Creator and curator of the Festival do Minuto


* The Free Theme and Animation contests started have been interrupted, but the submitted videos will be awarded. Soon the results.