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Affective Maps of the City

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Affective Maps of the City

In the city we tend to live in the same region we were born. Years goes by, but some paths are repeated. In there layers of memories accumulate: the first kiss at the door of the cinema that no longer exists, the smell of warm bread accompanying the return from the bakery, the house we were born and was turned into a building… Or the building that is now occupied by homeless inhabitants. The purpose of this minute is stroll through the affective memories that permeate our paths in the city.

Paris, Moscou, NY, Praga, Roma, Dublin, Tokio, Cairo, Zagreb ou Anina ... If you live in a town of 729 or 17 million people send you minute-memory-city.

R$ 3.000 (3.000 brazilian reais) in prizes: the 3 best videos will receive a R$ 1.000 (1.000 brazilian reais) prize each. A jury composed of prominent personalities in the field of culture (to be announced) will choose the winners. The three best videos will also participate of the public choice in Facebook: the video which receives more likes in the One Minute Festival and Festival do Minuto fan pages will take the Minute Trophy.

Deadline 30th November.

OBS: The prize is in brazilian reais and will be converted to dollars using the exchange rate of the day of the payment.