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Making Cinema

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Making Cinema

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The human being is the only animal which can produce images. Since the caverns, humans produces an infinite range of images trying to represent the world we live in. The One Minute Festival and the Academia Internacional de Cinema invites you to produce a one minute video about making cinema.

Make a one minute video about getting images from the real.

The best videos will receive a Minute Trophy from the One Minute Festival. Moreover, the Academia Internacional de Cinema will give one integral scholarship for the best video*.

Deadline is November 15th.

*Scholarship is valid for students or not from AIC. The winner can chose between production or photography classes, in the units from Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro, or advanced photography in Sao Paulo. Costs with travel and accommodation will not be paid. The scholarship is non-transferable and must be used by the winning film director in 1 year period after the award.