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RIVER contest happend from May 2nd until November 30th.

The curatorship chose the 2 best videos, each one received US$ 750. The sponsor Sabesp chose 1 video that won US$ 750 and the National Water Agency chose 1 vídeo to win the acquisition prize of US$ 2.500! Also the curatory chose 2 videos to win Honor Mentions. All of them received a Minute Trophy.

Check out the awarded:


, Teoria das membranas I (Membranes Theory I), of João Paulo Vicentini Franz - Porto Alegre/RS - Brazil.
(US$ 750 + Minute Trophy)
The River, of Adonis Pulatus - Frankfurt am Main – Germany.
(US$ 750 + Minute Trophy)

*HONOR MENTIONS* (Minute Trophy)

IGARA – lapsos lúcidos de um sonho (IGARA – lucid lapses of a dream), of Artur Arias Dutra - Belém/PA - Brazil

Fluxo (Flow), of Luiza Porto - Rio de Janeiro/RJ - Brazil.

*SABESP PRIZE* (US$ 750 + Minute Trophy)

Caudal Volumoso (Lumping waters), of Laís Elaine Pereira de Moraes - Campinas/SP - Brazil.

*SABESP selection criteria:

- Alignment to the theme: "Rivers", as a large volume of water;

- Preferably be a brazilian production;

- Evidence to be produced by students from elementary and high school;

- A video that could be used by the company.

*NATIONAL WATER AGENCY CHOICE* (US$ 2.500 + Minute Trophy)

Rios do Brasil é só um papel (Brazil rivers are just a paper), of Maressa Eduarda Breno de Souza - Mairiporã/SP - Brazil.

*Selection criteria: National Water Agency defined the video after poll with their servers and employees. The main criterion was the clarity and the importance of the message.