One Minute Festival: the reply

Video is the brush, the pencil, the chisel and even the cinema of the 21st century. Video goes around the internet as a means of conscription, simple communication or sheer expression. It is a way to create and discover oneself, others, life and the world. Limitless laboratory of boundless invention, it is also a privileged public space for discussion.

In 2009, One Minute Festival brought to MASP the exhibition 1,000 minutes from 80 countries. In 2010, we propose a reflection upon THE CITY.

The city was a solution, but is now becoming a problem. And, the larger the city, the bigger the problems. Living, moving, working, dreaming, loving can all become a little adventure, sometimes tragic.

Our humour and patience are challenged every second when we move around public spaces. Excessive water, cars, people, and a mountain of other excesses everywhere significantly increase our rates of frustration and diminish the quality of our relations and of the things we can do together in the city. Mountains of excess and mountains of deprivation come between the idea of the City and each of its inhabitants. Even so, the city is our reality...

In MASP's contemporary art gallery, which was once called civic hall, selected videos from the Festival's collection shall be exhibited as a way to stimulate and to invite people to make their own video-responses about the city. The idea of interactivity is central here, as is the idea that the exhibition grows as it happens, with the participation of those who see it. To see and to make converge.

Every week, the best video-responses will be integrated into the exhibit and shown in a dedicated monitor. A special prize shall be granted to the best one among all the videos that are sent during the event.

The videos must last up to 60 seconds, including credits, and be sent to the One Minute Festival's website:, until April 30th. The best video shall be selected by the Festival's curators and will be exhibited from May 3rd.

Marcelo Masagão
One Minute Festival's creator and curator

Teixeira Coelho
MASP's coordinator / curator

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