Know the result of Book's theme

Mon, 28 Nov 2016 14:02:45 +0000

The theme Book, held by the Minute in partnership with the Mário de Andrade Library and the Municipal Library System of São Paulo (SMB), ended on the 15th. There were 65 videos with a look at the book, its narratives or its own use.

In addition to the Minute Trophy, BMA and SMB participated in the curatorship, selecting a video that also bears their names, check out:

Único, by Icaro Cooke e Morgana Sousa (Troféu Minuto e Biblioteca)

Mentiras, by Rurian Valentino (Troféu Minuto)

For 1 Minute of Solitude, by Marko Jakasovic (Troféu Minuto)

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