Check out the results for Recipe in a Minute

The One Minute Festival announces today the final results for the theme Recipe in a Minute. Check out the winners of the Minute Trophy: Temporal, by Gabriela Machado Furniel Receita de suc...

Know the result of Book's theme

The theme Book, held by the Minute in partnership with the Mário de Andrade Library and the Municipal Library System of São Paulo (SMB), ended on the 15th. There were 65 videos with a look at the ...

Final results of Making Cinema

In this August, the One Minute Festival got together with the Academia Internacional de Cinema, to propose the theme Making Cinema as a point to start an one minute video. Until the deadline (11/1...

Result: Free Theme and Animation (October 2016)

The One Minute Festival jury is glad to announce the award-winning videos from Free Theme and Animation of October. Videoart and documetary were highlighted in the month. Check out: Free Them...

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